Let us ship your company holiday gifts.

Bushels of Chocolate Crabs are an all time favorite.












All I need to get started is your mailing list in EXCEL and what you would like on a gift card enclosure.

Lower batch shipping rates are offered.

Chesapeake Chocolates are great for client and employee gifting, special events, trade shows and many other business related situations. Let Chesapeake Chocolates make a tasteful and lasting impression for you.


Along with our Eastern Shore Chocolate gift selections, we can create custom logo bars and chocolate coins. An engraved company logo bar or chocolate coins will make your executive level gift stand out every time.


Creating a custom chocolate mold with your company logo may be cheaper than you think! We can create your company's logo or other unique design on a chocolate bar or coin.. All we need is a black and white camera ready artwork to get started.

Once your custom mold is created you can order anytime and there is never a minimum order and we can ship them anywhere in

the United States.


One Time Set up Fee for a chocolate bar is approximately $250.00 to $300.00

For the die to create mold and to make the chocolates molds for manufacturing bars.

       Our large logo Chocolate Bar fits Standard Size Gold Foiled Base Box with Clear Cover or a Wooden Gift Crate.  

Bar measures approximately  8 3/16 x 5 13/16 x ½ inches.


  • Chocolate bar weights are approximate  - close to one pound. 


 Black and White camera Ready Artwork required:

  • Black & white vector art (.ai or .eps format) at 100% scale

  • Photoshop .tif files at 900-1200 dpi are also acceptable


For best results to prevent delays, artwork should also meet these requirements:

  • Font size at 10 pts (1/16") or greater with SANS SERIF type. No fine lettering.

  • Raster artwork (.gif, .jpeg, .tif) saved as .ai or .eps NOT ACCEPTABLE

Chocolate Coins are great for business and celebration favors. 

Wrapped in brilliant gold foil - they are approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and 1/8" thick.


Create your own personalized chocolate coins by adding your custom message, text or logo. Each side can have a different custom design or choose from standard coin artwork available.


Let us help you create your chocolate coins for business gifting, trade shows and expos.


Coins can also be designed for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday and other personal events.


There is a One-Time Set-up charge.


Camera ready artwork is required for custom designs.


Any additional artwork charges billed to client.

CLICK HERE to view standard coin dies