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Shipping Information

For multiple gift orders to different addresses:

You may email me the gifts for wish to send to each person, names and addresses along with a gift message for each recipient

if you would like a gift card enclosed. Please include your phone number in your email and be sure to add info@chesapeakechocolates

to your contacts so any of my replies do not go to your SPAM or JUNK folders. And I will call you for a credit card number.

For business orders to multiple clients receiving the same gift:

You may email me your list in EXCEL - with separate columns - column headings for

Name, Company, Address 1 (street), Address 2 (suite) City, State and Zip Code.




MAY 1 thru SEPTEMBER 30 - especially when temps are above 70 degrees.


This $22.00 warm weather shipping charge for Express Mail SHOULD BE added to each order May 1 thru September 30.

 Orders shipped without extra warm weather precautions is at customer's risk.

Find option tabs on this page bottom to add shipping precautions to your cart.

* USPS EXPRESS MAIL (additional postage) / Warm Weather Shipping $22.00 *

* Insulated Shipping Carton $4.00 *

* Gel Ice  $1.00 * 


When shipping to year round warm climates and when shipping Truffles - we highly recommend Express Mail.

Please make every effort to notify the recipient that a package will be arriving, as we cannot be responsible for items left unattended for in warm weather.



                                  Any Excess Postage Calculated at Checkout - will be refunded to your Pay-Pal account.

 Website postage is calculated on value not weight - so once we get the order - 

we can calculate correct postage via weight and zip code and issue refund if needed.


* Use 'Special Order Instructions' in your CART if you wish to include a gift card

and to let us know your desired delivery date *



                                     For USPS Priority Mail – Gel ice packs can be included for $1.00 (Highly recommended for shipping Truffles)


For USPS Priority Mail – insulated shipping carton can be added for $4.00 (Highly recommended for shipping Truffles)


USPS Priority Mail – October – April.  2 to 3 day delivery to most addresses.


Please select your additional shipping options below to add them to your cart!

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